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New 3-day Remote Viewing Master Classes with Angela Thompson Smith PhD are being arranged for the rest of 2018 and into 2019 in Boulder City, NV.

These are “on demand” small classes that prepare viewers for real-life applications (operational) work. Students with prior training and/or experience with remote viewing are preferred. An occasional weekend class will be open to beginning students.

Mindwise Consulting, 509 5th Street, Boulder City, NV 89005
Phone: (702) 417-6154

Thank you for your inquiry about the Weekend Remote Viewing MASTER CLASS offered by Dr. Angela Thompson Smith through Mindwise Consulting.
What is a Remote Viewing Master Class? Don’t confuse this with a traditional training class, although basic RV (CRV, ERV, and Natural) training and revision will be covered in the Master Class. The goals of the Master Class are to train independent, applications/operational remote viewers and to utilize their skills and expertise on real-world projects.
Just as musicians and sports enthusiasts teach personalized techniques, learned through decades of experience, Remote Viewing Master Classes are small classes taught by a professional in the field. Classes are usually three or more students. Aspiring students typically consider Master Classes to be one of the most effective means towards skilled development.
What You Will Learn
Perceptual techniques such as Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) and RV history are covered in the Master Class. Remote Viewing is a perceptual or mental technique that can perceive and report on locations, events, objects, and people that are distant in time and space from the perceiver. The topic has a 40+- year history of research and development by private research organizations, universities and the U.S. military.

The Mindwise Master Class includes the following:
Brings new students “up to speed” with remote viewing methods.
Offers revision to previously-trained students.
Students work as a small group or team.
Gives students a “tool-belt” of different remote viewing methods.
Prepares students for solo RV work.
Prepares students for operational work.
Provides targets of fairly-equal complexity.
Provides dynamic real-world targets,( often with video feedback).
Participants are expected to be totally engaged in the 3-day process and the student goes beyond the basics to learn advanced techniques and benefit from the personal experience and attention of the instructor.
Whether you are coming from training with another Instructor or have already trained with the current Instructor, a Remote Viewing Master Class will benefit the student with individual attention, improve their skills, and gain from the experience of the Instructor and the other students.
In a typical Master Class, all the students watch and learn as the Instructor takes one student at a time through a morning session, carried out with the Instructor as their monitor. Students then participate in daily group and solo remote viewing sessions with real-life projects. The value of the Master Class is that all students can benefit from the Instructor and the group.
Classes usually run from 9 a.m. through early to mid-evening with regular meal and rest breaks. Classes are all day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A spoon-bending/PK evening and local field trips can be arranged during the course.
The training will enable you to:
• Identify locations, structures, events, objects and people at the target site;
• Access sensory information about a location including ambiance and movement;
• Separate true data from imagination and analytical constructs;
• Access simple and complex dimensional information about a location;
• Name tangible objects at the target site (vehicles, furniture, electronics);
• Identify concepts associated with the target site (industrial, political, social);
• Connect with individuals at the site to access important information;
• Connect with individuals to “see” what they are seeing at the site;
• Identify and interrogate phrases and words from accessed data;
• Dialogue with individuals at the site;
• Move around the target site: underground, within structures or aerially;
• Move between target sites in time and space;
• Learn to create time, distance and age of site timelines;
• Sketch locations and use them to identify characteristics of the target site;
• Create a clay model of the target site, using it to further identify site data;
• Identify alpha-numeric analytics to access further information;
• Implement remote influence techniques to access and send information;
• Alter dimensionality, time and space at the site for further access
Training Materials
Students are expected to obtain a copy of Daz Smith’s CRV Manual on Other books that will help prepare you for the course are SEER: 30 Years of Remote Viewing….and Counting by Angela T. Smith and Paul H. Smith’s: The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing. All other training materials will be provided.
The local fee per student of US $500.00 for the 3-day course is payable to Angela T Smith. This reduced course is available until the end of 2018. Reduced fee and no-fee scholarships are sometimes available. Payment may be made by check or through PayPal (Angela T Smith, I can provide a PayPal statement by email.
Sometimes scholarships are available to fill places, according to the student’s circumstances and depending on other paid students covering the class. All students are responsible for providing their own travel, accommodations, meals and other expenses.
Students with disabilities are required to bring an assistant or aide with them as these services are not provided. Please be advised that there are steps and/or stairs at the location. Please bring any special foods/drinks/dietary requirements with you to the course. Also, the student is expected to arrange accommodations that will accommodate any disability.
Unless I am coming to your area or make other arrangements, the training course takes place in a home/business environment at 509 5th Street, Boulder City, NV. (Cross streets are 5th Street and Utah Street and the house is at the stop sign.) Parking is located in the driveway and to the side and front of the house or close by in the neighborhood. A setting where students feel comfortable and relaxed has been found to facilitate the learning process.
Classes are usually small: between 3 and 4 students to ensure adequate one-on-one student/teacher time. Mornings are spent in class learning and individual sessions audited by the other students, and the afternoons and evening in group remote viewing of real-life projects. A longer lunch break is provided for personal time and rest.
Snacks, coffee, tea, and bottled water are available and a smoking location is situated at the back of the building. Punctuality is appreciated and students are expected to be in attendance for the whole 3 days.
The dress code during class is casual. From time to time, courses are given at other training venues across the country and abroad and arrangements are made with the local host.
Travel in Boulder City
It is preferable to have a car to travel around Boulder City or be a good walker! Uber is now available and a public shuttle bus service, Silver Rider, 710 Wells Road, BC (702) 894-4190 – that can be booked ahead of time that will pick you up and drop you for $2.00 per ride.
The CAT #402 Henderson Connector/Boulder City bus does an hourly circular trip around Boulder City that can be boarded at the junction of Nevada Way and Buchanan Boulevard (across from CVS) and serves Utah Street near the venue (get off at 711 store on Utah Street, 5th Street is two streets up on the left from the bus stop.) If the weather is temperate, most locations in Boulder City are within a one-mile walking distance.
Climate and Other Considerations
Boulder City is located at 1,700 ft in the Nevada high desert; about 30 minutes drive south from Las Vegas and about 20 minutes from Henderson, Nevada. Boulder City is a clean, green oasis in the Mojave Desert and surrounded by mountains and open desert. Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the new Bypass Bridge overlooking the Dam are close-by attractions.
The weather is very hot and dry in the summer (averaging 110 degrees F in summer) and cold in the winter (nights can be down to 30 degrees F). It can sometimes be very windy in Boulder City, thunderstorms roll through occasionally, and you may need a jacket during spring and fall. Stay well hydrated during your stay and bring a sunhat.

Accommodations in Boulder City
There is ample accommodation in Boulder City. (When booking your accommodation request the weekly rate and any other reductions such as AAA, military or senior). List “Business Training” if asked the purpose of your visit. Following are details of some of the hotels, motels and inns in Boulder City.
Boulder Dam Hotel, 1305 Arizona Street, BC – (702) 293-3510. Historic Hotel that catered originally to the dignitaries that came to visit Boulder (Hoover) Dam), centrally located, includes breakfast, and easy access to local shops and restaurants. Centrally located.
Best Western, 704 Nevada Highway, BC – (702) 369-1000. Newly refurbished Hotel with indoor pool and restaurant. Centrally located.
Boulder Dam Lodge and Casino, US 93, Boulder City – (702) 293-5000. Historic Hotel/Casino with views of Lake Mead. (A few miles by car from the class venue, overlooking Lake Mead.)
Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino, 2800 South Boulder Highway, Henderson (Henderson/Boulder City border) – (702) 294-5000or 1-800-654-0877- Historic Hotel/Casino that predates Boulder City. (A few miles by car or you can pick up the hourly CAT bus there to and from class venue.)
Motels (Most are small, older, original motels that vary in quality but are cheaper.)
Sands Motel of Boulder City, 809 Nevada Highway, BC – (702) 293-2589)
Desert Inn of Boulder City, 800 Nevada Highway, BC – (702) 293-2827)
El Rancho Boulder City Motel, 725 Nevada Highway, BC – (702) 293-1085)
Flamingo Inn, 804 Nevada Highway, BC – (702) 293-3565.
Looking forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, please email or call me.
Mindwise Consulting, 509 5th Street, Boulder City, NV 89005
Phone: (702) 417-6154