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Class Schedule (Please scroll down for Dates)

Monday, March 6th through Friday March 10th, 2017

March 9, 2017: Despite major roadworks taking place on Utah Street and the house rattling from huge constructions machines rumbling up and down, the first two Master Class students have valiantly progressed from total beginners to doing their first autonomous sessions yesterday! Today we are taking a break with cultural and shamanic visioning and journeying and a short field trip. Final day tomorrow when students put everything they have learned this week into a three-session exploration of a real case.

March 10, 2017: We completed the first group of the new Master Class and the students did well. Two students completed multiple solo and tandem sessions and completed the week with a three-session attempt at a historic cold-case. The students scored much better than chance overall. On the final day we tackled the Amy Lynn Bradley cold case. Working “blind” with no up-front information, students perceived that there were people worried, used the words oceanic, machinery, salty, engine sounds, boat or submarine, something in the past, near water, drugs, 40yrs old now, alive. The case they were tackling was the Amy Lynn Bradley mystery from 1998 where the missing woman disappeared from a ship in dock. The students had final scores of 4 and 5 on the Targ Confidence Ranking System indicating that they had good correspondences to the target site and some unambiguous unique match-able elements.

Tuesday, April 11th through Saturday, April 15th, 2017 (Full)

Saturday, May 27th through Wednesday May 31st (Labor Day Course: 4 Places) Or Monday May 1st through Friday, May 5th (Rehoboth, DE Course: 4 Places).

This class may take place either in Boulder City, NV or Rehoboth Beach, DE, depending on the number of students expressing interest in the class for each location. Location will be announced nearer the date.

What is a Remote Viewing Master Class? Don’t confuse this with a regular training class, although basic RV and revision can be combined with a Master Class for new students. A Master Class is taught by a seasoned professional and is generally a one-off special event. Just as musicians and sports enthusiasts teach personalized techniques, learned through decades of experience, Remote Viewing Master Classes are taught by professionals in the field.

Participants are expected to be totally engaged in the process and the student goes beyond the basics to benefit from the personal experience and attention of the professional instructor. There is always something new to learn! Whether you are coming from training with another Instructor, have trained with the current Instructor, or are a gifted natural in the field a Remote Viewing Master Class will benefit the student with individual attention, improve their skills, and gain from the experience of the Instructor.

In a typical Master Class, all the students watch and listen as the Instructor takes one student at a time through a single daily session, carried out with the Instructor as their monitor. The team works as a group for the remainder of the day.

The value of the master class setup is that all students can benefit from the Instructor’s comments on each session. Aspiring professionals typically consider Master Classes to be one of the most effective means of skilled development. Come and train with Dr. Angela Smith in the next Remote Viewing Master Class!

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