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Mindwise Consulting is a business owned and directed by Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.  Mindwise Consulting is licensed under the State of Nevada and with the City of Boulder City, Nevada. The business offers life coaching services including personal, occupational and transformational coaching such as remote viewing training and consulting services.


Dr, Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D. is a research psychologist with a nursing and social work background.  She has 30 years experience in the parapsychology and remote viewing fields including 5 years working at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory and over 20 years in the remote viewing field. Dr. Smith was a Founding Member and Director of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA). Dr. Smith is also a published author, a public speaker and an ordained shaman.

Contact Dr. Smith at mindwiseconsulting@gmail.com


The Nevada Remote Viewing Group (NRVG) consists of about a dozen trained and natural viewers from across the country who are contacted as needed and when time and their schedules allow to take part in humanitarian projects. The NRVG began around 2003 as a result of the need for additional viewers for projects requested by a long-term client. Since then, the NRVG has undertaken projects including the Denver DJ murder case, the seach for Amelia Earhart, and searching for two humanitarian aid workers during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. These three projects have been written up in Eight Martinis Magazine www.eightmartinis.com and presented at the annual conference of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) www.irva.org

Dr. Smith and the NRVG recently completed a two-year long investigation of a plane crash that occurred under mysterious circumstances in the 1950’s – The Romance of the Skies. This was presented at the 2016 IRVA Conference and is being written up for the 8 Martinis online RV Magazine.


Mike and Stella Webster: Remote Viewing UK http://remoteviewinguk.com/

Remote Viewing UK (RV-UK)

Remote Viewing UK was founded in 2005 and named by Dr Angela Thompson Smith as the first site in the UK where students, practitioners and clients can receive reliable training in Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) and Advanced Applications.
CRV Trainers. Mike and Stella Webster.
ERV and Advanced Applications. Dr Angela Thompson Smith


If you have questions about Remote Viewing and our training courses in the UK, please contact us:
Tel: 01389 751502
Email: info@remoteviewinguk.com