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Book Display at Boulder City Library.

During the month of November, 2016, my books were on display at the Senior Center of Boulder City and received a lot of interest.


Books on Display at the Senior Center of Boulder City


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New Book! Published 2016.

NEWS – from VOICES FROM THE COSMOS – Published 2014

Following the NASA prediction of water on Mars, here are some excerpts from Voices from the Cosmos and the interview with the Rall, a race that inhabits Mars. THE EXOBIOLOGY PROJECT: TALKING WITH THE RALL October 23rd, 2006

“Life is everywhere in the Universe. It would be unusual not to find it, rather than be surprised to find it. Keep looking everywhere.” The Rall.

R: We are the Rall and accept your gifts of words and pictures. Water is precious to us and we value this information.

R: Some of the advice that the Rall can give to Humans is to respect and enjoy the water that you have, it can disappear so quickly. We do have water but it is very little and we manage it carefully. At one time our planet was as rich in water as the Earth, and as green and as blue and as beautiful.

R: It is possible, as many organisms exist that are both beneficial and harmful to the Rall. It is also possible that rocks left our planet and landed on Earth during the catastrophes but we do not know. If Earth Humans say that these are Martian organisms we might believe then: if they write that they are earth organisms we might not believe them. We would use our own judgment. In our judgment they are real.
R: Some of the atmosphere that settled to the ground was then engineered into vast reservoirs underground for our use. However, we learned how to manufacture most of the air we breathe, the water that we drink, and the food that we eat. But our resources are low and we have to manage what we have.

R: The same happened to the water, as happened to the atmosphere. Some was lost and some we were able to save.

R: There was no major decision to go underground but it did help us evolve. It may be arid on the surface but we have water underground. It is sufficient to help us live. There may be a day when we can live above the ground once again.


Photo Credit: Nancy du Tertre.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to our cosmic neighbors? The authors did — and found that what they have to say is exciting and challenging!

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