Shire by Dr. Angela Thompson Smith

Shire was written at the same time as River of Passion and the books inspired each other. As I was writing River, memories from my childhood during the 1950s surfaced that motivated me to seek out old photographs and other memorabilia which then became chapters in Shire. And stories from my childhood in Shirehampton prompted me to research the history behind locations and events in the village that became additional chapters in River of Passion. The 1950s was a good era for children; we were the New Elizabethans, the post-war Baby Boom. We were the promise for the future following WWII that had blitzed much of Bristol and the rest of England. Customs and traditions remained but the winds of change were in the air. ISBN: 1-4241-4496-5. Publish America.

From the jacket:

Angela Thompson Smith was born in Bristol, England and grew up in the nearby village of Shirehampton. Her working class family instilled strong values that have lasted a lifetime. Freedom to roam the surrounding countryside laid the basis for a great love of nature and history. Her book, Shire, gives us a nostalgic glimpse into a simpler time. Shire is an intriguing look into daily life and events during the 1950s, such as harvest Festival, Guy Fawkes Night, and Christmas customs in the west of England. Other vignettes recall the annual Pantomime, paying in the Roman ruins, the ferry over to Pill, and the bus to Weston Sands.

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