River of Passion

River of Passion by Dr. Angela Thompson Smith

River of Passion was published in 2007 as a historical novel that was based on the small village of Shirehampton, now part of the larger city of Bristol in the Celtic southwest of England. The book is based on the actual history of the village and focuses on a high ridge of land that overlooks the river Avon and the Severn Estuary, a sacred cave and spring, historic structures, local lore, historic characters and a family that gained the name of Porter in the Iron Age from helping to ferry Blue Stones up the river to Stonehenge. The book progresses through successive historical eras until the present time and even takes the reader, maybe prophetically, into the future of the village. The bulk of the work carried out on River of Passion involved historical research and the stories were remote viewed, using a method also used by Charles Dickens and other visionary writers. ISBN: 1-4241-4494-9. Publish America.

From the jacket:

Angela Thompson Smith was born in Bristol, England, and grew up in the nearby village of Shirehampton. One branch of her family, the Porters, can be traced back over 500 years in the same area. Through a series of fictional stories, River of Passion traces the Porter lineage through many eons, starting in the Bronze Age, where her earliest ancestor meets Merlin at Stonehenge, and closing in 2008, as the village suffers a catastrophe that sets the river free to run again. The themes running through River of Passion are the village, the river Avon, a sacred spring, a ring, and individuals who rise above their predestined place in society.

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