Aesthetic Impact Extended Remote Viewing Webinar May 2011

Dr. Angela Thompson Smith presented on Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) for an Aesthetic Impact webinar on May 25, 2011. From the info page:

Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) is another method of remote viewing used to access information about hidden real-life targets. ERV, in its simplest definition, is the access of hidden information using an altered state of consciousness. Extended Remote Viewing or ERV was developed at the Army’s Fort Meade Remote Viewing Unit by F. Holmes (Skip) Atwater. Currently, ERV has come to have a generic definition: any remote viewing that is done within a defined protocol in an altered state of consciousness. Most ERV sessions are guided by a monitor but some viewers are able to carry out solo ERV.

Dr. Smith is one of the few instructors teaching ERV and carrying out operational RV using Extended Remote Viewing in conjunction with other RV methods such as Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) and Associative Remote Viewing (ARV).

To listen to or download the presentation, click here.

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