DVDS of the following conference presentations can be obtained at

IRVA Conference 2000 – Mesquite, NV. Feedback After The Fact in an Operational RV Session: The Antoine de Saint-Exupery Project.

2001 IRVA Conference. Detection of Non-Local Consciousness: Catching Remote Viewers in the Act:

2002 IRVA Conference. Thinking Outside the Box: Remote Viewing as an Intelligence-Gatherine Tool.

2004 IRVA Conference. Predictions? What’s the Point?

2006 IRVA Conference. Remote Viewing Around the World: International Claims about Remote Viewing.

2012 IRVA Conference. The Denver DJ Murder Case: Practical Applications of Remote Viewing.

2014 IRVA Conference. Amelia: The Search for Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and the Electra.

 2015 IRVA Conference. Remote Viewing in Humanitarian Aid Work (The RV Search for two humanitarian workers during the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.)

2016: IRVA Conference. Dr. Smith also presented the case of the search for the Romance of the Skies at IRVA 2016: the mysterious case of a plane crash that happened in the 1950s.